Use Cases

Security & Identification

Strengthen solutions and products for fraud prevention and targeted customer acquisition.


Credit Reporting Agencies
Frequent updates on mortality allows for the rapid removal of deceased individuals from systems or flags them for investigation to help reduce risk.
Including Fact of Death in predictive modeling and risk assessment for underwriting solutions or quickly detect when someone is impersonating a deceased patient or doctor for prescriptions or to submit claims for service.
Hospitals and Medical Centers
Improve engagement for population health processes and minimize the administrative work required for following-up with patient populations to encourage compliance with prescription medication usage, best practice exam screening, and notification for new treatment protocol for specific disease cohorts.
Clinical Trial Management
Clinical research studies often require documentation for long-term survival statistics. Optimize protocol design and feasibility, site selection, patient recruitment, and enable discoveries by including complete and timely death information.
Marketing and CRM Solutions
Create better experiences and ensure appropriate communication for customers by updating contact information or suppressing deceased records.
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Quality Management

The Veritas mortality index is a key reference tool for data enhancement and contact list hygiene.


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Research and Analysis

Identity patterns, build models, and understand outcomes by linking Fact of Death.


Public Health
Detailed mortality counts are useful when needing to understand granular patterns of which individuals, especially in vulnerable and disadvantaged populations, are dying at faster rates than others.
Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)
Companies involved with diagnosing and treating diseases can utilize mortality information to optimize outcomes for individual patients and lower the overall cost of the patient population served.

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