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Mortality is another term for death, and national-level mortality data (sometimes called survival data or vital statistics) allows you to determine whether a person has died, and if so, the date they died.

Veritas collects first and last name, date of birth, date of death, SSN (for approved use cases), city, state, and ZIP from its sources, and can deliver these fields in an identified or de-identified format

Veritas indexes from 40,000+ public sources, including national and regional sources, and  annual subscribers are given access to view contributing sources for each record on the Veritas customer portal.

CDC death totals are the official count of mortality events in the United States but individual-level records are unavailable for commercial use cases.

For comparison, Veritas’ Index includes more than 90% of CDC’s reported deaths making it one of the more reliable commercial providers in the market and updates to the Index are made available to customers weekly/monthly.

A deidentified version of Fact of Death is available in all major token schemes to allow linkage to other deidentified data sets (e.g. claims, EHR, etc). Veritas can help facilitate introductions if needed.

90% of Veritas’ records are captured within 30 days of an individual’s death, making it one of the timeliest mortality data sources available.

For comparison, the CDC’s NDI can lag up to 12 months behind the actual date of death and internal analysis shows that the Social Security Administration (SSA) death reports lag behind over a year and can take as long as three years.

Veritas delivers either a (tab or pipe) delimited file and supports several file distribution mechanisms:

• Delivery via SFTP to your server.
• Delivery to a third-party site such as AWS S3 bucket, Azure container, Snowflake, or Databricks location.
• Placement on Veritas’s SFTP site where you can retrieve the file at your own convenience.
• API access (effective 2023 Q1)

Annual subscribers will receive the full historical file at first delivery with updates delivered at their chosen frequency thereafter.

Veritas aims to be the most affordable option and our pricing is flexible and dependent on use-case.

Please reach out to us via e-mail or send us a message via our website for a quote based on your needs or if you have any additional questions.

Fact of Death can be licensed and delivered directly from Veritas or through our approved partners: Snowflake, Databricks, Karlsgate, ADX, HealthVerity, and Datavant.

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