Veritas Verify is Now Available

May 8, 2024

The Veritas Verify solution is now available! This allows customers to quickly know which individuals within their data are deceased without needing to ingest our Fact of Death Mortality Index file or build a comparison process to find their people of interest.

Instead, customers can upload a list of individuals to Veritas’s SOC 2 compliant secure environment, and the Verify will create a bespoke file containing the deceased individuals in the customers’ list which is created by cross-referencing against Veritas’ extensive historical Fact of Death dataset.

Veritas’s Verify solution has a flexible algorithm that customers can adapt, per project, setting their own thresholds for matching stringency. Results can be updated periodically to monitor as new deaths are reported. Customers can also elect to have the Verify solution search our broader internal repository of deaths to find additional potentially deceased individuals.

If you would like to learn how Verify can be beneficial to your company, please reach out to or message us on our website.