Veritas February Newsletter

February 23, 2024

Happy February, we are happy to be sending out our first newsletter of 2024! We wanted to let you know about some exciting updates to our mortality data and invite you to join us at some interesting events this month.

Improvements to Our Leading Fact of Death Mortality Index

Even though we already offer the most complete mortality data set available, we frequently make updates and improvements to our Fact of Death dataset. In recent months, we have incorporated additional data sources, including deaths recorded in medical claims data, to increase the number of overall records, and the number of sources behind each record.
To improve our historical data from 1935-2010 beyond the Social Security Administration’s file, our technology team has augmented our sourcing in this time period to include additional obituaries, internments, and more.
With the additional mortality data sources that we have been adding, we are now able to create an even more accurate confidence score for each record.

Our Upcoming Veritas Verify Service

If you want to access our mortality data, but don’t have the IT resources to ingest and pair our file to your internal information, we have the solution! Veritas Verify allows customers to know which individuals of interest (e.g. a research cohort, a list of patients or society members, etc.) are deceased with Veritas doing all the work. In this workflow, customers can send their people of interest in identified or deidentified (tokenized) format to our secure, SOC2-compliant environment. Using a flexible and precise pairing algorithm, we find these individuals within Veritas’ extensive Fact of Death Mortality Index and return the list with the appended dates of death to the customer. This new solution allows customers to quickly understand which individuals are deceased without the IT work. Please reach out to your Veritas point of contact or email us for more information on this new service!

It’s Conference Season!

Conference season is starting up again this month and we want to give you a sneak peek into our schedule.
February 25th – 28th (next week!): Robin will be attending ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles, California. She is looking forward to meeting with companies keen to learn more about our Fact of Death Mortality Index and Cause of Death Mortality data, and how it can enhance your RWD! There are a couple of spots open in her schedule so reach out soon to get a meeting scheduled. You can email her at or connect with her on the ViVE app.
March 11th – 15th: Jelita will be attending HIMSS 2024 in Orlando, Florida. Email her at or message her on LinkedIn to be one of the first to set up a meeting time.
May 5th – 8th: A team member will most likely be attending ISPOR in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are attending ISPOR and want to set something up with whoever will be attending email us at so we can reach out closer to the event!

Cloud Computing Webinar

We are happy to announce that we are participating in Datavant’s webinar about the future of cloud computing! The discussion will be about data sharing without data movement, saving time and cost with cloud computing, and more. One of our Co-Founders Shahir Kassam-Adams will be a speaker along with Kenzie Alexander from Datavant, Michael Sanky from Databricks, and Anand Iyer from Welldoc. This is a good introduction for any company that wants to learn about cloud computing.
The webinar is on March 7th at 2pm ET / 11am PT. Sign up today before your schedule fills up!

Please reach out to us via email or send us a message via our website if you have questions about anything mentioned.