Veritas December Newsletter

December 1, 2023

Happy December from Veritas Data Research. We know this is a busy time of year for you! We’ve been busy too, and we want to give you a quick update on what’s new with our mortality data offerings:

NEW! Veritas Cause of Death Dataset

Earlier this month we released our Cause of Death (COD) dataset in partnership with HealthVerity. Cause of death is infrequently available in public notices and the cause listed in official death certificates is often inaccurate. Therefore, our COD product is derived from up to 3 years of clinical history for each deceased patient and provides the most likely primary and secondary causes of death. Being able to clinically derive a COD is important to improve analysis where mortality is an endpoint. This COD dataset is now offered in combination with our Fact of Death (i.e., who died, and when) dataset in HealthVerity’s new Mortality MasterSet.

More information on the Mortality MasterSet is available from the following links:

Increasing Coverage for Fact of Death

Behind the scenes we have been focusing on continuously increasing the coverage and accuracy of our Fact of Death (FOD) dataset. Organically, our technology team has been working vigorously to improve our historical data coverage beyond what the Social Security Administration has available through collection of pre-2010 records from internment, memorial, and other sources.

Additionally, we are licensing data from third parties that can enhance our records or provide further confirmation of a death. We recently acquired a robust set of mortality events derived from health insurance claims, which are deidentified and will be available starting in December to anyone on the Datavant token set. We anticipate that we will be able to add another large set of confirmatory mortality records by the end of the year, which will be available to users of our identified FOD product and to deidentified clients no matter the linking system they use. Contact us for more details and statistics about the new data!

Transparency Around Records

We are striving to provide additional transparency around each mortality record. To this end, we are adding additional flags to the data to indicate from which source(s) each record was derived, and for deidentified clients, we are working to add a last known medical service date to each record to flag potentially inaccurate death events (i.e., if an individual is receiving services after their date of death, they may not actually be deceased).

Delivery through Databricks Delta Sharing

In addition to the many ways we deliver data to our clients, we are now pleased to offer the ability to “delta share” our data with any customer who has a Databricks environment. This process greatly reduces the effort to receive data files compared with SFTP, and sets the stage for on demand data delivery, where clients can access the most recent Veritas data any time they like.

Coming Soon: Veritas Matching Service

While many of our customers choose to receive our mortality data in aggregate and match it internally to their own data, some have asked us to perform that matching service on their behalf. For these customers, we have built a secure and compliant data environment to which a customer can send their list of individuals, and we will match that roster of people against our mortality data to find those that are deceased. We deliver the matched set back to the customer so they can utilize this augmented list of individuals as they desire. If you are interested in this workflow, please reach out to us and we can walk you through it in more detail!

Please reach out to us via email or send us a message via our website if you have questions about anything mentioned.